Dealing With Change


Today I’m lucky enough to have the lovely Aliza Latta join me here! 

I always bragged that I loved change. I’m good at change, I told myself. I thrive off change, I would tell others. But then changes happened and I realized I wasn’t very good at all. 

Almost four years ago, I couldn’t have been more excited for my sister. She was recently engaged and we were in the thick of planning her wedding. She gave me full creative freedom to make decorations. I, of course, was in my glory. My Pinterest boards were stocked up with ideas. I was determined to make it the prettiest and most creative wedding anyone had ever been to. 

Sister and I were busy. For her entire engagement, I was so focused on the wedding, that I hadn’t quite let myself think about what would come after: her marriage. We’re best friends — a sort of bond I don’t think I’ll have with anyone else. I love her husband. He’s the older brother I never had and always wanted. He’s an addition our family didn’t realize we needed. But we do need him. Desperately. 

I remember walking down the aisle during their wedding ceremony. It hit me suddenly. My sister — my best friend in this whole, wide world — was getting married. I realized our relationship was going to be irrevocably different. Even though I might be her sister and best friend, he was now her husband. 

I woke up crying the day after the wedding. I had slept in her bedroom the night before and I woke up sobbing. I’ve lost my sister, I kept thinking. I’ve lost her. It will never be the same again. 

It took a lot of time for me to get used to this change. But it was a good change — one I never could have foreseen. Turns out I didn’t lose my sister. I gained someone else: her husband. Now I have another best friend. 

This January, another member will be added to our family. A baby boy. My sister will be a mother. I will be an aunt. (Squeal!) Once again this is a big change. But I’m reminding myself this time: I’m not losing anyone. No, instead, I’m gaining someone very, very special. 

This change is one I can’t wait for.

This is day 14 of the #write31days challenge! You can click here to see the rest of my posts!

And special thanks to Aliza Latta for joining me today! She is doing 31 days of choosing brave –  just click here to check it out! 

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